Coláiste Pobail Ráth Dara

Rath Dara Community College

Strength through Cooperation


To: Employers\Past Pupils\Corporate and Social Responsibility sections\ Sept 2022

We are contacting you to hopefully build partnership links between you and our shared local community.

Rath Dara CC, (formerly Riversdale CC), is a second level school located in Blanchardstown, beside TU Dublin. We have been serving the Dublin 15 community for over 35 years. We are a designated disadvantage school, (DEIS status), and operate in one of the most socially disadvantaged areas in Ireland. We are a multidenominational, inclusive, and diverse school.

We cater for over 250 students, deriving from a wide variety of backgrounds and ethnicities, (over 30 different nationalities). We want to improve our School and make a positive difference in our community and in the lives of our students. We have identified 4 initiatives that we are hoping you as an individual or Company can help us with:

  • Digital Drive: We need Chromebooks\Laptops

    We want to flip our educational model and provide every student with a digital device. We have self-financed Chromebook devices for our incoming first years and present second years. We have seen a huge improvement in engagement with the students who have already received a device. We need help to further finance this rollout to the rest of our school. Each device costs about €450 and we would love to secure sponsorship for some or all the required devices.

  • Science Technology Engineering & Maths, (STEM), Initiative:

    We need equipment, furniture, finance, and your advice.

    We want to provide the most engaging and STEM based educational experience we can, both in-class and on an after-school basis. We have a very committed staff and really want to reboot out STEM\Digital hub offerings.

    We aim to encourage students to learn about STEM in a fun and engaging way.

    We have attached a wish list sheet outlining some equipment that we would love to have sponsored or donated.

  • Careers Speed event: We need some of your employees :)

    In November 2019, we held a hugely successful “Careers Speed Event”, which was supported by over 24 local employers. (Large Multinationals, local SME’s, Past pupils)

    This was a fun event where students spent 3 minutes at each of the 24 stations, talking to Company representatives. This opened our pupil’s eyes to their own career potentials. Company representatives also gained valuable experience and personal satisfaction in giving back to their community and by inspiring our teenagers.

    Would your business or organisation be interested in sending a colleague or two to our next event on the 24th February 2023?

  • Work Placements: We need work experience for our senior students

    We would like to be able help our Transition year & LCA students gain some valuable work experience. We currently release our students for 2 weeks, twice a year. They are fully insured by our Patron, the DDLETB.

    Can you help us out?

Our goal is to not only help Rath Dara CC pupils but also to reach out to pilot and share resources with our sister schools in the Dublin DDLETB (catering for 60,000+ learners). If you\your company is interested in a quiet donation or in local\national publicity and recognition through an official launch, our DDLETB Head Office Development Team are ready to make that happen. As a DDLETB school, we are registered with a Charitable Tax (CHY) Exemption Number. RCN: 20083526

If you feel you can offer us some support, with any of our initiatives, please contact us.

We would love to hear from you to discuss the matter further.

Kind Regards,

Sean Murphy, ICT Coordinator,

Emily Boyle, Principal,

Cathal McDaniel, Deputy Principal


School Phone: 01-8201488

Dublin and Dún Laoghaire Education & Training Board RCN:20083526

We are asking for your help to Supply or Finance 1 or more of the below:

  • 1 x Professional streaming camera for our Digital media course and Live streaming our events
  • €450 donation would buy a Chromebook to last a student’s entire educational journey
  • €12K could supply an entire class with devices
  • Drones, Robotics kits & VR headsets. These are an integral part of our STEM drive, they introduce Coding and are also fun and engaging. We would love a class set of 15 of these.
  • Snap circuits and other STEM kits. We would love a class set of 15 of these (15 X 65 =€975)
  • Podcast\Sound recording equipment needed for our Podcasts and Digital Media studies
  • We welcome any suggestions\recommendations you may have to help us provide the best STEM experience for our entire School community

If you can help us in any way, please do, it will be very much appreciated.

STEM-Friendly Furnishings, Seats, Desks and Storage solutions required.